Jon Setter is a photographer based in New York, NY. Setter’s work is part of an ongoing exploration that attempts to reveal the unseen aspects that shape how we experience urban spaces and architecture. Often working with subjects discovered by chance on walks, he documents the unnoticed details that most people rush past. Setter methodically organises the repeated colours, patterns, materials and textures of the urban vernacular to develop an abstracted expression of space. His hope is to decelerate our daily consciousness - to cut through the chaos of our urban surroundings and present them as simple and clean compositions that help us better understand the spaces we inhabit. 


Setter studied at The College for Creative Studies (Detroit, MI) and in 2014 moved to Sydney and attended The National Art School. He has exhibited internationally in solo and group shows, including New York, Tokyo, and Berlin. In 2019 he was a finalist for The Luxembourg Art Prize and received an honorable mention for the International Photography Awards. Setter is influenced by painters (such as Mondrian and Rothko) as well as minimalist photography movements such as the New Topographic Movement and the Dusseldorf School of Photography.