Impeccability of Surface: Southern California Perspectives
jon setter

Kennedy Contemporary is thrilled to announce Impeccability of Surface: Southern California Perspectives, a solo exhibition featuring the evocative photographs of New York artist Jon Setter. The exhibition will run from July 17th to August 11th, showcasing a collection that delves into the emotional essence of home through concentrated image sections of everyday spaces in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Palm Springs.


In January 2024, Setter immersed himself in the urban and coastal landscapes of Orange County, spending three intensive weeks meticulously documenting its urban spaces and cherished locales. His spontaneous yet discerning walks through local spots led him to capture architectural and urban monuments from unusual viewpoints, unveiling hidden details that often go unnoticed.


Setter’s work resides at the intersection of photography and painting, where his process of documenting urban environments is fundamentally photographic, yet the final results evoke a painterly quality. By organizing repeated colors, patterns, materials, and textures of the urban vernacular, Setter transforms visual chaos into abstracted, picturesque fragments. These images oscillate between photography and painting, touching the invisible and making it visible.

  • Moments of Joy, Solo Exhibition with Amy Van Winkle

    Moments of Joy

    Solo Exhibition with Amy Van Winkle

    Kennedy Contemporary is thrilled to announce Moments of Joy, our second solo exhibition with renowned Santa Fe encaustic artist, Amy Van Winkle.  Opening on September 11th, the exhibition will showcase a series of evocative encaustic paintings that capture the fleeting yet profound moments of joy in everyday life. Van Winkle's unique approach to encaustic art, which involves layering molten beeswax with pigments, creates mesmerizing textures and depth, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in her celebration of color and form.