leslie allen + terri froelich

Kennedy Contemporary is proud to present Color Crush, a two-person exhibition featuring the works of esteemed Sausalito-based artists Leslie Allen and Terri Froelich. Running from May 8th to June 9th, this exhibition promises to captivate audiences with its exploration of color, friendship, and artistic expression.


Leslie Allen’s signature expressive style, informed by her passion for music as a cellist, utilizes various visual tools to create dynamic compositions. Raised in El Paso and born in New Mexico, Allen's paintings reflect the region's contrasts, from vibrant sunsets to the tensions of a political border. Her emotionally rich paintings, which incorporate elements of painting, printmaking, and collage, invite viewers into a world of profound visual storytelling. Now based in Sausalito, Allen has been a member of Sausalito’s iconic Industrial Center Building (ICB) for over 36 years, where she and Terri developed a close friendship.


Terri Froelich, also a longstanding member of the ICB community, channels her background in photography into her acrylic paintings. Inspired by her daily walks and global travels, she documents encounters with nature, architecture, and intriguing topography, translating them onto canvas with a keen eye for shape and color balance. Her award-winning paintings have graced galleries nationally and internationally, earning a place in museums and private collections worldwide.


Color Crush offers a unique opportunity to experience the distinctive perspectives of Leslie Allen and Terri Froelich as they navigate the complexities of color and form amidst the backdrop of the historic ICB. From Leslie's energetic abstractions to Terri's meticulously balanced compositions, the exhibition showcases the depth and diversity of their artistic vision amidst the rich heritage of this iconic creative hub.

  • 2024 Newport Harbor Home & Garden Tour

    2024 Newport Harbor Home & Garden Tour

    We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the Newport Harbor Home & Garden Tour! This tour is one of the annual fundraisers that helps fulfill the Newport Harbor Educational Foundation’s mission by providing funds for academic support programs such as: instructional supplies, nurse’s aide, academic department support, International Baccalaureate, Field Studies, school safety, and professional development for faculty.⁠