Chris Gwaltney

Balancing between abstraction and figurative, the works of Chris Gwaltney are evocative, luminous, and lush. He balances color with unexpected washes and scribbles; scraping physically from the surface as he generously slaps paint onto the canvas. Having studied Bay Area figurative painters - such as Richard Diebenkorn, Nathan Oliviera, and David Park - and influenced by the works of Joan Mitchell and Robert Motherwell, Gwaltney begins each work with a conversation in mind. He often starts with a vertical gesture, builds with foundations of layers, and allows the composition to reveal itself as he works.

Gwaltney lives in Laguna Beach and holds a BA and MA from the University of California State Fullerton. He has exhibited throughout the US, including Peter Blake Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA), Seager Gray Gallery and Robert Green Fine Arts (Mill Valley, CA), Cadogan Contemporary (London, England), Anne Loucks Gallery (Glencoe, IL), Julie Nester (Park City, UT), and Tria Gallery (New York, NY). His work has garnered an international following and resides in numerous public and private collections.

“Gwaltney is at the point where he is fully in command of his medium, has refined his touch, and is casually and deceptively simple in his meaning. He is an artist that likes to push himself--to build on what he has done, discard it, and rebuild again--continually evolving, taking from his surroundings and from his life, and recasting it into something worthy of our attention.” Bolton Colburn, Former Director of Laguna Art Museum, Independent Curator