Joseph Justus

Joseph Justus is a contemporary American artist whose works re-imagine the physical and conceptual landscapes of his hometown, Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from the urban fabric and the human body, his paintings experiment with surfaces that act as lenses or x-rays steadily moving in and out of plane. We see one thing on the surface – skin, buildings – but there are complex currents right under the surface. 

Justus mainly works with acrylic and spray paint, but also explores polyurethane in a series of hanging sculptures. His work is unified by the exploration of surface, using various processes to both build, extract, and create. In his current work, timing is so important. It is not just a visual, but also a physical process. The constraint of speed and risk is critical.

Justus received his BA in Architecture from University of California, Berkeley and MA from Columbia University, New York. While living in Los Angeles he has worked for Frank Gehry for nearly a decade, having design roles on projects such as Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and Facebook Headquarters. Recently, he has recalibrated his career, starting his own multidisciplinary practice with emphasis on painting.

Justus lives and works in Los Angeles. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions both in the United States and Germany.