Elyse Katz

Elyse Katz is an artist living and working in Newport Beach, CA. Exploring the visual language of abstraction, Katz’s works are focused on the process of creating. Her works are formed quickly using scraps of vintage and found paper, acrylic paints, and oil pastels. After building layers on a wood panel or canvas, the work is selectively sanded and removed to reveal the foundation. As a history begins to form, the composition reveals itself and Katz continues to build up and obliterate until the work speaks to completion. 

Coming to her art career later in life, Katz is a self-taught artist who began painting over two decades ago in response to a personal tragedy. Since first picking up a brush, Katz has committed herself to her practice by studying with renowned artists such as Nicholas Wilton, Pamela Caughey, and Krista Harris. She has gained recognition through interior designers and sold to private collectors around the world. Katz lives in Newport Beach with her husband and continues to paint every day.