Permission to Descend - Solo Exhibition with Joseph Justus

July 15 / 2021 by Kennedy Contemporary

´╗┐Permission to Descend, a solo exhibition with Joseph Justus, speaks to our collective experience over the last year of being in a pandemic atmospheric bubble. The exhibition is meant to celebrate a descent into a collective new normal.


The process of painting is very physical for Justus. The paintings weave themselves through a composition of marks, voids, and luscious chunks of paint. Timing is critical in his current work. It is not just a visual process, but a wager measured by the constraint and adrenaline of speed and timing. For Justus, the act of painting is surrounded by restlessness, moments of production, and moments of waiting. Living and working in diverse Los Angeles, his observations of the city are reflected in the visual forms of his compositions.

Joseph Justus (b. 1982) holds a BA in Architecture from University of California at Berkeley and a MA from Columbia University in New York. Recent exhibitions include Mindfulness, Visionary Projects & Voss Gallery, NY (Group); Intervals, Aucart, London (Group); Fence and Stone, WAJU Projects, Echo Park (Group).