July 5 / 2022 by Kennedy Contemporary

Abigail Dudley is a keen observer of light and the complexities of interior space. A recent graduate from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) in Philadelphia PA, her work has garnered acclaim for its subtle, sophisticated use of color and deeply sensitive vision of the world around her.

Abigail utilizes different modes of perceptual painting and invention to capture the small moments in life where everything and nothing coexists on the same plane. Her figures often fade and merge with backgrounds and interiors, gentle silhouettes in repose or contemplation, entwined with the very environments in which they inhabit. Influenced by the colors found in Italian frescos, her palettes are inherently light-focused. The compositions utilize transparent washes of color to establish complex conversations between sharp light and muted shadow. 

While in the undergraduate program at PAFA, Abigail received The Raymond D. & Estelle Rubens Travel Scholarship for European travel, as well as being the recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshield Grant. In 2021, Abigail was the artist in residence at the Lois and Charles X. Carlson Landscape Residency, further expanding her understanding of exterior light and command of suggested movement. Her works reside in private collections throughout the US.

“When I am painting, I try to be present and engaged with the present moment. Many of my paintings depict seemingly small moments in life, but I hope to show the value and beauty that is found in the moments in life that are often looked over.”

Abigail currently works and resides in both New Jersey and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.