ELEMENTAL | Solo Exhibition with Chris Gwaltney

June 12 / 2022 by Kennedy Contemporary

Kennedy Contemporary is pleased to present ELEMENTAL, a solo exhibition of twelve new works by esteemed Laguna Beach artist, Chris Gwaltney.

This will be Gwaltney’s first solo exhibition in Southern California since 2011 and will remain on display from May 19th through June 26th.

Gwaltney brings over three decades of invention to each piece and has earned every bit of acclaim for his gestural essence and colors. Holding a BFA and MFA from the California State University Fullerton, Gwaltney’s career has garnered an international following and his works reside in numerous public and private collections. His is a quest to elicit emotion through color and to engage in discussion as opposed to lecture. As such, Gwaltney begins each painting with a conversation in mind. He often starts with a vertical statement, builds upon it with foundational layers like words, back and forth, and allows the composition to reveal itself as he works.

ELEMENTAL debuts a new series of work born of a deliberate, philosophical shift, one that eschews the mechanics of study for the raw expression of a child weaving marks on a wall. With this collection, Gwaltney moves further from figurative constraints, diving deeper into color and its power to conduct the eye and evoke emotion. Just as classical music can convey meaning without words, Gwaltney aims to wrest interpretation without the leading hand of form or structure. In this new, edgeless landscape he purposely sets up mistakes on the canvas in order to “fix” or respond to them with engaging marks and colors. 

Kennedy Contemporary will run the ELEMENTAL show from May 19 through June 26, 2022.

For inquiries, please email info@kennedycontemporary.com or call 714.519.6297