24 x 24 | Group Exhibition

November 2 / 2022 by Kennedy Contemporary

Kennedy Contemporary is pleased to present 24 x 24, a group exhibition of ten gallery artists: Abigail Dudley, Amy Van Winkle, Chris Gwaltney, Christopher Benson, Elyse Katz, Joli Beal, Joseph Justus, Leslie Allen, Michael Kessler, and Shane McClatchey.

For the first group exhibition at Kennedy Contemporary, each artist was given the same wood panel to craft their own unique vision. The result is a dynamic range of contemporary art - from meditative geometrics to dreamlike glimpses of reality. 

The panels were handcrafted by BARA Woodshaping. Utilizing the Hebrew word bara, which means to shape, create, or fashion, this husband and wife team painstakingly crafts artist panels out of their workshop in Eugene, Oregon. This small business has roots in Orange County and continues to serve many contemporary artists in Southern California. 

What does it mean to create? For each artist, the process of bringing into existence an artwork is unique and multifaceted.