Nicole Egert

Nicole Egert is a German artist who spends her time between the Netherlands and the beaches of Northern Germany. Her atmospheric seascapes are reflections of nature, memory, and emotion. The greatest sources of her inspiration are the untouched natural landscape, ever changing light, and the horizon line where the sea meets the sky. 

Egert often starts her works by making small sketches in watercolor and pastel chalk, or taking photos of the sea, sky, and horizon. Once back in her studio, she combines these small studies into larger compositions capturing the light, color, and feeling of that particular moment. Her canvases are layered with acrylic paint applied using a palette knife and brush, and acrylic ink. This complex layering and removal of layers creates minute details - allowing viewers to discover a new brush stroke or color each time they view the work.

Nicole Egert studied Fine Art, English and Education at Bielefeld University in Germany. She is a member of the artist groups KUNST.PUNKT! and PAG of the Künstlerinnenforum bi-owl eV and is represented by Addison Gallery in Delray Beach, FL and Kennedy Contemporary in Newport Beach, CA.